Clipbox Tick Twister®

Clipbox Tick Twister®

The tick removers Tick Twister® are available with storage boxes: the ClipBox! 


- With its modern and functional design, the ClipBox Tick Twister® will accompany you everywhere! 

- Available in 5 vibrant colors and composed of two housings, one for each size, the ClipBox will allow you to store your hooks safely, and not lose them. 

- Its format is ideal for slipping the hooks into a pocket and having them always at hand. 

- With its locking system, inspired by a karabiner, you can also hang it on a key ring, a backpack or a belt. 


Technical specifications : 

Material: ABS plastic, alcohol resistant 

Dimensions: 76 x 47 x 10 mm 

Weight: 12 g 

Colors: pink, blue, green, purple, orange



- Convenient, easy to carry

- Instructions for use on the back of the ClipBox

- Made in France