• 3 tick removers including 1 specific for very small ticks!
    New : The Family Set
    3 tick removers including 1 specific for very small ticks!

    Nymphs (ticks less than half a mm long) are responsible for more than 80% of human bites in some regions.

    The new Tick Twister® tick remover special « MICRO » ticks was specially designed to remove these tiny ticks. You can now remove ticks of all sizes even from the most difficult to reach places (ears, navel...).

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  • Don't forget ticks!
    Confined but protected
    Don't forget ticks!

    During this period of confinement, many people will take the opportunity to use their outdoor space to get some fresh air, play with children... Beware, ticks are not confined ... They are not only present in the forest, but can also be found in your gardens! If you are bitten, there is only one solution to remove them: The tick remover Tick Twister®.

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  • Developed by a veterinary surgeon
    The instrument that allows you to remove all sizes of ticks
    Developed by a veterinary surgeon

    TICK TWISTER® does not compress the tick’s abdomen, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases. It removes the whole tick without leaving the tick’s mouth in the skin.

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  • Don't let this little pest spoil your happiness
    Ticks can transmit serious illnesses, such as LYME DISEASE
    Don't let this little pest spoil your happiness

    If you get bitten, do not squeeze the tick, do not burn it, do not try to kill the tick or put it to sleep with chemical products before removing it. You should never pull the tick. Instead, remove it with a twisting motion, without compressing it.

    Learn more about Lyme disease

Easily remove ticks with TICK TWISTER®

  • It doesn’t leave the tick’s rostrum in the skin
  • It doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen
  • It removes ticks of any size
  • It removes ticks from animals and people
  • It enables a quick and painless tick removal

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New in 2020 :

Family Set Tick Twister®

Safe and easy medical device, including 3 tick removers to remove all sizes of ticks up to the smallest!

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In this period of confinement, our entire team sends you their support, take care of yourself and your loved ones while waiting for better days ... A big thank you to all those people who continue to work to improve our daily lives, well done to the medical staff , traders and all the others of course !

New : Family Set Tick Twister® !

  • - 3 tick removers to remove ALL sizes of ticks ! 
  • - The Tick Twister® Family Set is offered in a reusable box to store the tick removers and find them easily. 
  • - Eco-friendly packaging: card to be recycled and box to be reused. 


Our company will be closed from July 31st to August 23rd 2020.
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Thank you for your understanding, we wish you a great summer!