Why a special human set ?

Composed of 3 tick removers including 1 special "MICRO" ticks, this new Family Set Tick Twister® has been specially designed to remove very small ticks from even the most difficult to reach places (ears, navel...).

Nymphs, dangerous for humans

Humans can be bitten by a tick at all stages of its development: larva, nymph, adult.

However, nymphs seem to be responsible for most transmissions : they are more frequent than adults. Over 80% of bites in some areas are thought to be caused by the tick nymph stage.
Due to their small size, the nymphs can go unnoticed and are more difficult to remove.

In a recent study, researchers at the Pasteur Institute found that the transmission of bacteria can be very rapid: within the first 24 hours following the adult tick bite, sometimes even faster for nymphs.

It is therefore necessary to remove ticks as soon as possible after the bite to prevent infection.

L être humain est aussi menacé pas les tiques
Set de 3 tire-tique Tick Twister®

Easy, practical and adaptable to all situations

The Tick Twister® tick remover removes ticks regardless of their location (navel, knee folds, armpits, behind the ears) and size :

  • Micro: larva and pupa
  • Small: adult tick
  • Large: engorged adult tick

No chemicals

With the Tick Twister® set, it is not necessary to use chemicals (alcohol, ether ...) to remove the tick.

Set de 3 tire-tique Tick Twister®

Made in France

The Tick Twister® tick removers are designed, manufactured and packaged in France.

Set de 3 tire-tique Tick Twister®


The tick removers Tick Twister® are unbreakable, resistant and can be reused indefinitely. This new Tick Twister® set comes in an eco-friendly packaging: recyclable card and reusable box to store the tick twisters and find them easily.

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